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Martin Eriksson at Turing Fest 2018

You Are All Product Managers

Martin Eriksson
Mind the Product

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In order to build products people love in today’s fast-moving world we need to be experts on everything from design to engineering to machine learning. Since no one person can have all those skills it’s critical that we stop worrying about titles and build cross-functional teams who combine all this knowledge and experience with the autonomy to execute. In this talk Martin will show the benefits of thinking cross-functionally and how to set up teams for success this way.

Martin Eriksson
Martin Eriksson
Co-founder & Chairman, Mind the Product

Martin is a 20+ year product management veteran across Europe and the US, building products and product teams in startups such as Allt om Stockholm, Huddle, and Covestor, as well as global brands such as Monster and the Financial Times. He is the founder of ProductTank and co-founder of Mind the Product—the world’s largest product management community with meetups in 150+ cities around the world and annual conferences in London and San Francisco.

Martin is also the co-author of the best-selling book Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams and an Executive-in-Residence at EQT, one of Europe's largest private equity and venture capital funds.




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