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Meri Williams at Turing Fest 2018

Five Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner About Scaling Teams & Culture

Meri Williams

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In engineering we (rightly) talk a lot about how to scale our systems and our infrastructure. Yet some of our very hardest challenges come when scaling the people side of things. How do you survive your team doubling, tripling or perhaps even a 10x growth in a short period of time? What does it take to grow fast AND retain the bits of your culture as a team or organisation that made you great to begin with? How do you know when to change how you do things, without just cargo culting? Having scaled a number of teams at different speeds, Meri will talk through some of the inflection points you'll experience, how to navigate them, and reflect on all the things she wishes she'd known just a little bit earlier...

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Meri Williams
Meri Williams
Chief Technology Officer @ Monzo

Meri Williams is an experienced technical leader, and CTO at leading UK challenger bank Monzo. Previously, she was CTO at online design and print startup MOO.

She's also chair of The Lead Developer, an international conference series for technical team leads. Previously, she held technical leadership roles at the Government Digital Service, Marks & Spencer and Procter & Gamble.




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