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Roan Lavery at Turing Fest 2018

Driving Growth vs. Building Core Value

Roan Lavery

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Making tough prioritisation decisions is a constant challenge for anyone involved in building products. One of the hardest is the need to drive growth for the business vs building lasting product value to keep customers happy. In this talk Roan, will draw on over 10 years experience of founding and scaling FreeAgent, an online accounting product with industry-leading customer satisfaction scores, to discuss a pragmatic framework that allows for a balanced approach to these sometimes competing priorities.

Roan Lavery
Roan Lavery
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, FreeAgent

Roan is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of FreeAgent, an online accounting software company based in Edinburgh. Over the past 11 years Roan has helped build FreeAgent from a weekend side project to one of the leading accounting software companies in the UK, with over 60,000 customers.

Prior to FreeAgent, Roan cut his teeth as a designer in the earlier days of the internet, and firmly believes that companies live or die on their ability to build products that solve real customer problems through exceptional user experiences.




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