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Gabrielle Bufrem (2019)

Gabrielle Bufrem 
Manager, Product Management, Pivotal

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Taming Your Monster: The Art of Saying “No” While Building Products

Saying no is hard and is also what makes for good strategy. Saying no is particularly hard when we as product people are expected to build connections, lead through influence, effectively collaborate with teams that we might be saying no to (very) often, and build an amazing product that solves real user problems and achieves concrete business goals.

Product people that always say “yes” end up with monster products that do everything and nothing at the same time. They say “yes” because it is very hard to say no effectively.

If those concerns sound familiar, this talk is for you. Gabrielle will share how you can tame your monster by implementing effective and scalable product strategy. She will send you off with actionable steps so that you can immediately get to work, develop a strategic way to say no, and, most importantly, tame your monster!

Gabrielle Bufrem (Pivotal Labs)
Gabrielle Bufrem
Manager, Product Management, Pivotal

Gabrielle Bufrem is a Manager of Product Management at Pivotal in San Francisco. She is originally from Brazil, has lived in 9 countries across the world, and has built products across North America, Europe, and Asia. During her time at Pivotal Labs, Gabrielle worked across five industries helping companies digitally transform effectively.

She is an international speaker in the product management community. When she is not building products or speaking about product management, she loves to travel, try new restaurants and coffee shops.



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