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Olly Headey (2019)

Olly Headey
Cofounder & CTO, FreeAgent

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How To Eat A Burrito (And Other Lessons Learned Scaling Engineering Teams)

Every person is an individual and every team is unique. There is no secret sauce or set formula to follow when trying to build a successful team. You need to forge your own path and build your own culture, but you can learn a lot about approaches to try, and pitfalls to avoid, from the experiences of those who have spent time on the wild rollercoaster ride that is scaling a fast-growing software engineering team.

In this talk Olly will uncover some of the lessons he's learned while overseeing the growth of the FreeAgent engineering team from 1 to 75 developers and managers over the past 12 years.

Olly Headey (FreeAgent)
Olly Headey
Cofounder & CTO, FreeAgent

Olly is a co-founder and CTO of FreeAgent, a leading UK-based SaaS accounting platform which was acquired in 2018 by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Having worked in software development roles since the mid-90s, Olly has experience across a wide variety of industries, from video games to radio stations to hedge funds.

Since co-founding FreeAgent in 2007, Olly has helped scale the company and its culture to 200 employees and over 85,000 customers. He is passionate about startups, technology and building customer-delighting products. He is also a director and board member of CodeClan, Scotland's award-winning digital skills academy.



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