Turing Fest 2019 / Edinburgh, Scotland / 27-29 August 2019

Becoming an emotionally fit entrepreneur

Workshop with Chris Messina & Dr Emily Anhalt

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Emily Anhalt

Dr Emily Anhalt

Chris Messina

Chris Messina

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  • Half-day workshop (c. 3-4 hours)
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Struggles with mental health permeate every industry, but statistics suggest that tech entrepreneurs are hit especially hard. The relentless stress facing founders, managers, and employees tax the psyche and spirit and can imperil even the most promising endeavors. Founders are 50% more likely to report having a mental health condition; 65% of failed startups point to cofounder conflict as a reason they did not succeed.
It need not be this way, and yet the necessary skills and coping strategies to take on these challenges are often not taught in school and it can be daunting to know where to start to make a change. That’s where we come in.
In this half-day workshop, we’ll offer insights into what’s broken about entrepreneur culture, how things got to be this way, and why things like struggle porn create the delusion that this is fine. We will then help you take concrete steps towards a healthier and more aspirational future. 
Beyond healthy coping mechanisms for handling stress, anxiety, and self-doubt, an entrepreneur must be able to communicate effectively, guide conflicts expeditiously, and build and maintain trust with investors, colleagues, and customers. 
We believe in emotional fitness as an ongoing practice to proactively increase emotional intelligence, strengthen relationships, and improve leadership ability. Through experiential activities, we will teach the requisite skills that encourage safe exploration of vulnerability, self-care, and community, and will help participants kickstart their own ongoing emotional fitness regimen. By the time the workshop concludes, each participant will leave with an “emotional workout routine” consisting of practical tools and tactics for building successful and emotionally fit leaders and teams. 

Intended Audience

  • Employees working in tech who wants to better understand the intersection of their emotional and occupational selves and increase their leadership ability
  • Employees who have worked with someone who seemed to be leaking their personal issues into the job
  • Investors who want to learn how to vet founders who can weather the journey of entrepreneurship
  • Investors who want to develop the skills and knowledge to support founders’ mental fitness
  • Entrepreneurs/startuppers who need to recruit and retain talent
  • All experience levels welcome 


  • An understanding of the fundamentals of emotional fitness and mental wellbeing — especially in the context of work 
  • An understanding of how self-awareness, self-care, and diversity and inclusivity affect the bottom line as well as team and interpersonal dynamics and productivity
  • Concrete mental and emotional fitness best practices and strategies
  • Specific tactics each participant can use to kick-start their own emotional fitness journey that can be implemented immediately